Acasă Frumusete Now…



Well now I feel good. In fact I feel marvelous! Why? ‘Cause I’m flying. I fly. Now I have new wings. Once the man thought he broke my wings. Maybe he was right then. Although… anyway, the fact is that now I have golden wings. Now they carry us away from the misery that so eagerly wants to swallow us. I’m happy!

The man is the wizard. Together we fly. I once told him we can fly if we’re 2gether, but he didn’t listen to me immediately. However, the little butterfly always knew that the only thing the wizard wanted to do was to help. So, when it saw the sadness in the wizards eyes, it said a spell and it grew strong golden wings. Slowly it flew away in search of the wizard. The wizards eyes burst with joy when they saw the shining butterfly.

“Now we are 2gether”, they both said and flew into the world to cast their spells.

Thank you for smiling, my darling!


  1. I know for a fact that you will find yourself wanting to throttle me because I say (and do) some pretty whacky things. I’ll try to do the best I can, though.

    Are you ready?
    OK, then!

    Welcome on board!

  2. We’ll see. First of all to successfully cast spells you need to know exactly what ingredients are required, you need to know how to prepare the spell ingredients and finally (this is the my favorite section) you need to know how to perform. The spell of course. 😛 The last part is the most important.

    I’m convinced you’ve seen many spell casters. Unsuccessful, may I say. That’s because the people who put up those spells don’t care whether they can successfully cast them or not.

  3. Merlin: Grow your own rosemary plant, nurturing it from seed or seedling. Stud the soil around the base of the plant with citrine quartz. You need to develop a close bond with this plant, renowned for it’s mental enhancing abilities. 🙂

  4. Frustration has many faces. Yours is the most disgusting! Just mind your own business, live your own life and don’t ever leave your hole, worm! There might be a Phoenix bird around!

  5. FireMan: It’s not wise to play the old one. Thinking too much may become your biggest nightmare. I dare to advise you to cast a glance on your own life and make the thinking job on yourself. What do you have? Put that on a list.

    What I like the most is the extreme wise crack ability that many life forms called humans, try to have. Maybe would be better for them to help theirselves before “helping” others. How authentic, genuine can be any help from a helpless person?

    You understand nothing. You don’t even know what/who I am. Life isn’t everytime what we expect it to be, but I’ll never give up. I have so much power (of all kind) to spend. But what I know for sure is that I’ll never get to the last stand humans can (some of them) have: words (of any type), thinking more then necessary and to be your own psychologist. This is the “treasure” (an illusion in fact) you discover in yourself when nothing else left. Be aware, my dear friend, you’re almost there. Get out of the Dead Sea as long as you are still able to do it. Someday, when you’ll find a dark green soul, you’ll be suffocated when you’ll observe how old you are… but worse then that is dealing with it. You know, my dear friend… they say that loneliness and ignorance are lethal. Words and philosophy are short term medicine and to philosophize is like getting out from your bath and believe that you’re out of an ocean.

    I won’t throw in you although you like this “sport”. I won’t do it because I can more than that and nothing is more painful then the stones and emptiness you see all around you. Fill your gaps my friend and live in front of your cell and not behind it.

    Best wishes,

  6. Worm? How can a worm make you feel like a butter-fly? I’m glad you don’t like me :)) Flies like shit… You have your rights, brainless poppet, rights to dream of Pheonix… and wizards… and gooooldeeen wings… Oh, and don’tmake the mistake thinking you’re able to think… even about me. Frustrating is the way your „ego” wants to come up… I’ll go and buy some cheap „Flit”, though.

    Rob, i agree i don’t know nothing about you. I said only what i was thinking… in that moment, as i always do. I said it and i will say it again. there are some people, who are my friends, without ask me something in exchange, without expecting something from my thoughts… Try to understand that… I hate that you don’t wanna hate me , biatch. It was more fun that way 😀
    Kiss, kido. (from a kido)


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