Acasă Ce mai e nou Finished updating my underdeveloped gay blog

Finished updating my underdeveloped gay blog


I just finished updating my little „underdeveloped” gay blog. I changed/translated almost all Romanian into English.

Although I had my dinner with two of my buddies and I was thinking for a moment not to change a thing. Well, I changed my mind. 😛 My boyfriend also assured me that this is a good decision.

It’s better this way. I’m 100% sure.

A few hours ago I bought a private server from my favourite web hosting company and this night I’ll start something big.

Now, I’m listening Cher – „Believe”, a mix. This woman is fabulous.


  1. Good luck, honey !!!
    I can’t help you from here… I am about to have the 300th comment, though…
    but i have the feeling you messed up together pleasure and business… too much and you might hurt the „investments” made untill now on your blog… the „pleasure related part” ones…

  2. Thanks. A lot.

    You see? You can have your opinions on file using another language, too. Why should another language change something? We are, after all, ourselves. This proves that we didn’t care about blogging. As I said, many times, I’m extremely sorry that we couldn’t be less subjective. Having an English written blog is a good exercise for us to see how ineffective can humans be. A blog, is a „tool” to express a thought, an opinion comparatively with other’s.

    A blog isn’t a place to make psychological or contrastive analysis. For God’s sake it’s a virtual and impersonal meeting place. There are two different levels:

    1. Real live, socializing arena, friends, buddies, phone calls. We need to care, to help, to love.
    2. Virtual place, used for entertainment or in rare cases to develop various businesses.

    I’d like to see if let’s say… George from the U.K., or Hans from Germany would be confused about his sexuality… would you or others show him „the way”? You know… maybe George or Hans will be „guided” by Silvia or Hassan from Australia or Saudi Arabia. But, they don’t know each other. And it’s better this way.

    Another phenomena was pricking each other to impress the mob, the crowd… to show them who’s the best.

    All „investments” are highly appreciated. I really hope you’ll manage to „invest” more.

    Kiss Ya.

  3. Dear:
    1. real liFe, not liVe
    2. bla bla bla bla

    I see you didn’t let me have my 300th comment in here :)… but guess what? i saVed it. It is saFe.

    And honey, i’m not changed… and i’m not the one with… impressing the crowd… look arround… or maybe in the mirror? you might get scared, but believe me, is the best way to become aliVe


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