Primavara asta mi-a adus pe langa astenie şi o mie de lucruri de făcut, aşa că o să fiu scurt şi doar vă amintesc de două evenimente pe care cred că le-am mai menţionat recent prin comentarii.

Primul este spectacolul de dans modern (cred :)  )  The Institute of Change, ce va avea loc la Centrul Naţional al Dansului pe 19 martie la 19.30. Descrierea evenimentului sună cel puţin ciudat, iar părerile pe care le-am auzit despre el sunt împărţite, deci sunt tentat să-l văd.

Al doilea: pentru 3 zile, între 20 şi 22 martie, în Spaţiul Platforma se desfăşoară festivalul independent de filme queer, ROQDOC2. Consider festivalul de faţă cel puţin interesant datorită documentarelor selecţionate, ce propun subiecte aflate undeva la intersecţia dintre artă, activism şi intimitate şi ne oferă ocazia să chestionăm unele „adevăruri” acceptate by default în viaţa de zi cu zi. Pentru mine reprezintă o şansă de a mai ieşi niţel din paradigma tradiţionalistă ce mă înconjoară – fie că vorbim de români în general, fie de comunitatea LGBT – şi în care funcţionez şi eu. Aşadar, voi reproduce aici programul festivalului, deoarece accesul la pagina evenimentului este limitat:

<<Prima zi

Queer Artivism 2013 (Slovenia) 96 min – [English subtitles]

„Queer Artivism offers an insight into five different queer film festivals through video footage and interviews with the organizers. With this it gives people who do not have the opportunity to visit various queer film festivals, a chance to experience at least five by going to just one film festival/screening.
Additionally it is a tribute to queer film festivals and presents different points of view on the current status of queer film festivals and queer films. It is also a tribute to filmmakers, festival organizers and all the people who usually remain unseen, but without whom queer film festivals and queer films would not exist.
Throughout the documentary interviewees (festival organizers, filmmakers and musicians) share their personal stories and elaborate on the importance of queer film festivals and queer film, opening a new space for discussion, reflection and evaluation of queer film festivals and queer film in today’s society.”

Breaking Borders: Cross-Dressers & Drag Queens of El Paso, TX (2009) (USA) 13min – [Spanish with English subtitles]

„Every Thursday night at a local Taco Cabana in El Paso Texas, Manuel Nunez and friends put on a cross dressing drag queen show titled ‘Samantha’s Travesti Show’. Through the use of comedy and entertainment, Samantha, Viviana, & Zayda break the borders of transsexual identity and acceptance.”

Beautiful by night (2014) (USA) 28min – [English only]
A documentary following three older drag entertainers at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. With Olivia Hart, Collette LeGrande, and Donna Personna.

Times of Harvey Milk (1984) (USA) 90min – [English with Romanian subtitles]

„A documentary of the successful career and assassination of San Francisco’s first elected gay councilor.Two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Harvey Milk & San Francisco Mayor, George Moscone were assassinated by recently resigned Supervisor Dan White on Monday, November 27th, 1978, approximately 8:45 AM to 9:15 AM. Milk’s life leading up to his election, his successful efforts to politically represent San Francisco’s gay community, and the city’s reaction to the assassinations are documented with extensive news film and personal recollections.”

Paris is burning (1990) (USA) 71min – [English only]

„A chronicle of New York’s drag scene in the 1980s, focusing on balls, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of those who gave the era its warmth and vitality.This is a documentary of ‘drag nights’ among New York’s underclass. Queens are interviewed and observed preparing for and competing in many ‘balls’. The people, the clothes, and the whole environment are outlandish.”

Ziua 2

Ti muxe (2013) (Mexico) 30min – [Spanish only]
Krystal and Paulina are two Muxes, effeminate in the Zapotec language, from the small town of Union Hidalgo in Oaxaca, Mexico. They’re in social terms, transvestites, but in their own personal reality, they’re women trapped in bodies of men. Through a lyrical and contemplative narrative, we witness their everyday lives and their unfiltered intimacy. The sounds, colors and textures of their surroundings tell us their stories.

Transactivations (2012) (USA) 3min – [English only]

„Heather Cassils gained 24 pounds in muscle over six months for the sake of art. Zackary Drucker asked audience members to tweeze the hairs from her bare body. These LA artists use their bodies as canvases to defy gender norms.”

Muslim drag queens in London (2015) (UK) 12min – [English with Romanian subtitles]

„Meet Ali, a gay Pakistani asylum-seeker preparing for his first performance as a drag queen. Ali fled Pakistan, where he was persecuted for being gay, but now faces abuse from his neighbours in London. Mentored by Asifa Lahore, the UK’s first Muslim drag queen, Ali is determined to overcome his fears and express himself in a dance performance at the UK’s biggest ‘gaysian’ club night.”

Venus boyz ( 2002) (Switzerland/USA/Germany) 102min – [English with Romanian subtitles]

„A film journey through a universe of female masculinity. A legendary Drag King Night in New York is the point of departure for an odyssey to transgendered worlds, where women become men – some for a night, others for their whole lives. What motivates them? What changes take place? What do they dream of? The drag kings of New York meet in clubs and change lustfully into their male alter egos, parodying them and exploring male eroticism and power strategies. In London we see women experiment with hormones to become new men and ‘cyborgs’. Masculinity and transformation as performance, subversion or existential necessity.”

Celluloid closet (1995) (USA) 102min – [English with Romanian subtitles]

„A documentary surveying the various Hollywood screen depictions of homosexuals and the attitudes behind them throughout the history of North American film.”

Ziua 3

Body without soul (1996) (Czech Republic) 94min – [Czech with English subtitles]

„Documentary look at doomed male prostitutes in Prague, ages 15 to 18, who troll at the public swimming pool, the train station, a video arcade, and a disco. After the boys talk about how they got in the game, the camera follows them to the home of Pavel Rousek. Under the name Hans Miller, he makes gay porno videos, primarily for German distribution. Intercut with a movie shoot chez Rousek is an interview that follows him to his day job at a morgue, where he performs an autopsy as he talks about his work. The sex is without protection; the boys are without family. They talk about their bodies and souls, money, their sexual orientation, AIDS, their dreams, and death.”

Dzi Croquettes (2009) (Brazil) 110min – [Portugues with Romanian subtitles]

„A Brazilian Theater group that through talent, irony and humor confronted the Brazilian violent dictatorship in the 1970’s revolutionizing the gay movement worldwide and changing theater and dance language to an entire generation.The Dzi Croquettes – A Brazilian theater group that through talent, irony and humor confronted the Brazilian government and its violent dictatorship. They were banned and censored by the military regime and yet revolutionized the gay movement worldwide changing Theater and Dance language to an entire generation. Their history embraces Brazilian pop culture of the 1970’s and 1980’s, the violent years of dictatorship in Brazil, the sexual revolution, the beginning of the AIDS era and, above all, the enormous legacy that would remain unforgettable to every single person that had the opportunity to see their work. They were loved and admired by luminaries such as Mick Jagger, Jeanne Moreau, Omar Sharif, Maurice Béjart, Josephine Baker and Liza Minnelli, who became a personal friend and played a major role in bringing them to Paris and subsequently to fame. The director’s father (Américo Issa) worked with the group from 1970 to 1978, giving Tatiana the magical opportunity of growing up …”

Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, a Queer X Show (2010) (France/Germany) 80min – [English and French only] FILM NOT RECOMANDED TO PERSONS UNDER 18 (acest film nu este recomandat persoanelor sub 18 ani)

„A documentary road-movie about 7 young women’s artists on tour on a bus, all over Europe, who create on stage a manifesto on feminism, sex, art and education.” >>


Update, discutiile propuse:

Prima zi (vineri 20 martie)
În prima zi discuțiile au două tematici. Filmul „Queer Artivism” va ocaziona un moment de reflecție la tipul de activism posibil în contextul local, distribuția de resurse și accesul la resurse, și la rolul activismului social de emancipare prin film, video și al organizării de festivaluri de film. Vom continua cu tema principală a serii: Bătrănețea și persoanele queer, pornind de la documentarele „Beautiful by Night” și „Gen Silent” la care vom adăuga pe parcurs și alte câteva vizionări-surpriză. Vom dezbate pentru prima dată în spațiul public subiectul delicat și ignorat în România,cel al vieții și activităților persoanelor queer de vârsta a 3-a, adesea trăind singure, adesea trăind în condiții precare, în invizibilitatate, în contextul local, cât și a lipsei de sprijin din partea comunitățiii gay.

A doua zi (sâmbătă 21 martie)
Ziua a 2-a este dedicată perspectivelor istorice queer. Vizionările și informările prezentate vor ocaziona o dezbatere despre activismul queer în Europa înainte și imediat de după cel de-al doilea Război Mondial, despre ce a existat înainte de Stonewall Riots, despre formele de rezistență și activism cultural alternativ queer care, în alte părți, altele decât Europa și America de Nord, au marcat anii ’70-’80, acum în mare parte uitate. Acum putem vorbi despre o istorie mainstream a mișcărilor LGBT, adesea rămânând ignorat radicalismul anti-sistem care le-a stat la bază, or mișcările și activismul care le-au fãcut posibile.

A 3-a zi (duminică 22 martie)
Ultima din cele trei zile de vizionãri și dezbateri este rezervată unui subiect complex, abordat din diverse perspective: identitatea de gen, între contestarea normelor, auto-reprezentare și performare. Vom vorbi despre forme diferite de identificare și forme de performare critică a identităților heteronormate, de corp ca purtător de mesaje, pe fundalul unei perspective conștiente de discriminările pe care clasa, sărăcia, munca sexuală, abilitățile fizice le produc, ca straturi suprapuse și adesea ignorate în cadrul luptei pentru drepturi civile și a eforturilor de incluziune.

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